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Apply for collective protection (

Ukrainian citizens applying for collective protection can register in several places in Norway. In most places, you must contact the police to schedule an appointment for registration (external website).

Application for alternative to reception centre

UDI has an application scheme for Ukrainians who want to live in a temporary alternative to an asylum reception centre or emergency accommodation.

You can apply if you:

  • are a Ukrainian national who can receive, or has received temporary collective protection (above), their families and persons who have protection (asylum) in Ukraine, and
  • have already been registered by the immigration authorities in Norway, and
  • have found a place to live, and
  • have not been settled as a resident yet.

In this context, a place to live means that you either:

  • have been given a place to live by a private person, or 
  • have been given a place to live by an organisation, or
  • have been given a place to live by a municipality within this scheme.

You can use two application forms to apply for an alternative to a reception centre.