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KORONA: informasjon - bestill test - vaksinasjon

informasjon / information / informacja

Updates on the corona-situation in Midtre Gauldal will be posted here consecutively.



Read press release in English, Polish, Urdu, Arabic, Somali, Estonian:

Important information to travellers in Norway and Midtre Gauldal

Gradual opening of the Midtre Gauldal community

Health service for youth


Do you have questions regarding the new coronavirus COVID-19?

Do you have questions, and cannot find the answer on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
call 815 55 015.

You can send an e-mail to the doctor´s office for questions/contact:

Do you suspect that you are infected?

Call your doctor or the emergency out-of-hours clinic.
Medical personnel will consider further action.
In order to prevent transmission to vulnerable groups, it is important that you do not visit the doctor´s office/healthcare institutions.

Midtre Gauldal doctor´s office :

Emergency out-of-hours clinic:
116 117