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The closure of schools, kindergardens and other measures against spread of the corona virus - continues until after Easter.

National resolutions, which applied from March 12th to March 26th, have been extended to April 13th.

Nyhet Publisert av Kosberg , 26.03.20

The decision entails:

  • Closure of kindergardens, elementary schools, secondary schools, upper secondary schools, Physiotherapists (including manual therapists), Chiropractors, Opticians, Chiropodists, Speech therapists, Psychologists, companies that perform complementary and alternative medicine, and companies that perform alternative treatment.
  • The following shall not be held and/or will be closed: Cultural events, sports events and organized sporting activities (both indoors and outdoors), all establishments serving food and/or drinks with the exception of places that can allow visitors and customers to keep at least 1 meter distance from eachother, in example canteens, cafeterias and eateries. Food shall not be served as a buffet. These rules apply to all establishments of service including restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and nightlife, gyms, hairdressing services, skin care, massage and body care, tattooing, piercing and the like, swimming pools, water parks and the like.